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get to know me meme1/5 favorite male characters: STILES STILINSKI 
"I’m 140 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. Sarcasm is my only defense."

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Finnick Odair or Johanna Mason (asked by suchasugarcube)

If you knew what Finnick’s been through the last few years, you’d know how remarkable it is he’s still with us at all.

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hoboapprentice replied to your post “i fell over in the shower today because i’m 80 years old”

your icon paired with this made me laugh way too hard.

HAHAHAHA omg i bet steve fell over in shock the first time he used one of SHIELDs fancy ass showers

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make me choose:
anonymous asked: Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans
     ↣ “I weep at everything. I just love things so much.”

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this. is. war.

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What happened down in the dungeon between you and Professor Quirrell is a complete secret. So, naturally, the whole school knows.

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i fell over in the shower today because i’m 80 years old

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